The stories shape culture, dignify people, strengthen relationships, restore traditions. The act of eating is above all emotional. More than quenching the body, food goes straight to the soul. Because they are filled with memories, because they are made from past tempered with the caress of human hands, because their taste is best when they “talk” with us.

Knowing how to hear what each person / product / tradition / cook / has to say is important so that we can keep alive the knowledge and origins. NNC knows how to listen. Better: we listen and transform what we hear into stories we want to tell. This is passion for gastronomy. Make sure you register orality so you do not get lost in a world that is moving too fast. Want to pass sensations that are palate but also are technique and talent. Emotions – which are eaten, felt, visited – translated into words that have the power of not forgetting and phrases that whet the appetite.