Go Foodies is a concept that bets on the scientific and tourist valorization, through the best that is produced and cooked in the country and in the world. An experiential project of food travel that goes far beyond gastronomic tourism but who believes that the taste is everything. We produce food tours and unique trips because there are products / dishes / menus that are a destination just as they are. We promote Portuguese products of which we are so proud that we want to share them. Teaching how they are done, revealing where they come from, indicating how we can preserve them. We want to take you to experiences and adventures of all the flavours by the authentic route in Portugal and abroad. Our mission is to surprise everyone. Both those who live in Portugal but want to know better what is good and those who visit us from outside and do not want to be by the obvious. From north to south, passing through the islands, we organize unforgettable experiences and reveal what only the locals and insiders know.



Created by Nuno Nobre and produced in partnership with the Municipality of Mafra, since 2015 Ericeira hosts the International Sea Urchin Festival, a unique event in Portugal and worldwide. In 2018, the 4th edition will be celebrated which will continue to promote and value this resource and to promote the associated local economy. In addition to scientific conferences on the endangered species, there is a gastronomic show in restaurants that give a taste of this delicacy, show cooking sessions with renowned national and international chefs and scientific and tourist experiences to know and interpret the habitat and the social and environmental factors that threaten this Portuguese caviar. Nuno Nobre counts on several strategic partners, such as: colleges, scientists, startups, public and private companies, cooks, researchers, among others, that meets in the Festival for current and future state of the situation on the fishing and the cultivation of the sea urchin – as well as the strategies to carry out their economic exploitation without causing impacts on the wild populations. In the wake of the Festival, the Ouriceira Mar project – which are part of the study on the ecology and exploration of sea urchins in Ericeira and adjacent regions – and Ouriceira Aqua – to create the bases for the cultivation of species in the region and in Portugal, are being already developed.



“To the table with the Shale Villages” is a project of investigation and gastronomic experimentation of Nuno Nobre in partnership with the Shale Villages Organisation that dives with all the senses in what is more genuine in each one of the villages. We go to each of these places, promoting the meeting between invited cooks and local cooks and producers, and linger there to see what binds people to the land that surrounds them and from which they have always lived. We discover stories, roots, traditions, knowledge, emotions, complicities. And then we go to the kitchen to honor the spirit of this place through unique gastronomic co-creations: the Spirit of the Place menus and other authentic moments of gastronomy.


MedCine is a medical film festival that intends to bring to the public of Lisbon the most relevant films in the last two years at an international level. Medical cinema, in this context, has a vast latitude and far exceeds the technical, functional and documentary perspective. All the films that relate in some way to MediCine, but also to health and illness, to life and to the work of preservation, are part of the MedCine universe. MedCine is comprised mostly of movie viewing sessions, but some other parallel and complementary activities are part of it.



Created in 2013 by Nuno Nobre, it is a project that promotes the preservation and appreciation of local Portuguese products, producers and their origins. It organizes gatherings, traditional menus and fine dinning dinners that bring together producers, cooks, chefs, journalists, opinion leaders, wine makers and entrepreneurs. Since 2013, it has more than two dozen dinners with local Portuguese products such as Arbutus Berry, Beans, Capon Cock, Dried Fish, Lupine, Barnacles, Cockles, Sea urchin, Sardine, Mackerel, Lamprey among many others coming from various regions of Portugal. Participates regularly in gastronomic events through workshops and show cookings.