go foodies

Go Foodies is a food travel project that crosses pedagogy and science with the best of national and international cuisine. Privileging authenticity above all, we produce real trips through the universe of knowledges and flavors that can begin (or end) in his experimental open kitchen and take us through Portugal and the world.

To the taste of Experience

Travels that go far beyond gastronomic tourism but who believe that the taste is everything. We produce gastronomic trips because there are products / dishes / menus that are a destination just as they are. We want to take you to meet people, places and to experience experiences of all flavors by the route of the authentic in Portugal and abroad.
Our mission is to surprise everyone. Both those who live in Portugal but want to know better what is good and well done here as those who visit us from outside and do not want to be by the obvious. From north to south, passing through the islands, we organize unforgettable itineraries and reveal what only locals know. Outside Portugal, just the same.

World Tour

Introduced in 2017, it is in 2018 that Go Foodies starts a regular and worldwide program with irresistible trips for all who make gastronomy a way of life. As an initiative that is broad in the area of ​​lifestyle and travel, there was a theme that was presented as essential and unifying: the sea. And how much he gives us.
Thus, it was necessary to schedule a World Tour, which would bring the Portuguese sea to some of the most important cities in the world. The tour began in the Azores, and featured the algae of the archipelago. Realized in loco, it sought to unite the observation, identification and harvesting of a product that is increasingly valued in food and not only, both inside and outside of Portugal. Combining the expertise of the greatest scientists in the area in our country with that of tasting cooks, a thematic dinner entitled 5 Algae, 5 Scientists, 5 Plates que marked the beginning of the first stage of this digression as didactic as delicious. The next stages include countries like Spain, United Kingdom, Brazil, Norway, Mozambique, among others.

Open Kitchen

… Open to pedagogy. Open to experimentation. Open to students, teachers and the public in general. It’s Go Foodies Open Kitchen at Lusófona University in Lisbon. A space that, more than Cook Lab that has been until now, will become a stage of initiatives that will cross the teaching of gastronomy (and everything related to it) and the pleasure of genuine flavours.

Go Foodies Open Kitchen will have a program of pedagogical sessions in order to be located in the facilities of one of the most important Portuguese universities. In addition to other objectives, it is necessary to introduce the nutritional indications in the menus in a systematic way, so that awareness of what we eat is an increasing reality. A measure that, at a time when concern for food is the rule – and no longer the exception – should be generalized. And it is in a space that teaches gastronomy that the process has to be started.

But because gastronomy is also and above all a lifestyle, Go Foodies Open Kitchen will organize open workshops for all those who want to participate – by inscription – in which they will reveal / cook / taste authentic flavours, national or international. More than teaching sophisticated techniques, the chefs, producers and other invited professionals will show how the simple products and flavours that are part of our gastronomic and cultural memory are the ones that satisfy and inspire us most. And those that make us want to travel to know them better. Be at the table or on the spots.

At Go Foodies Open Kitchen in Lusófona the cuisine and the authenticity will be queens. Around them we will talk about what we want to eat and how we should do it in order to make the most of food that we are increasingly respecting.