The pleasures of the table are so innate to Nuno Nobre that he has no memory when passion was born. Of the trips to fishing and the gathering of seafood with the father as a child? Of the interest with which accompanied the talent of the mother in the kitchen? Of the many family meals in the best restaurants in the country? From the pure inspiration of having a grandfather who managed the mythical Lisbon restaurants, like the Café Palladium on Avenida da Liberdade or the Café Astória in Alvalade? All this, for sure. But more: an inexpressible passion and taste for everything that is genuinely Portuguese and the curiosity to want to know new products, new ways to create harmony between them, new ways of disseminating them. This is what makes Nuno Nobre a soul gastronomer and an attentive expert. Two qualities that gives him the perfect profile to evaluate what is best presented to the Portuguese tables and the world.

Nuno dives with all the senses in the most genuine in each place and travels by promoting the meeting between people, local producers, cooks and journalists, lingering there to see what binds people to land and sea, the that surrounds them and from which they have always lived and to discover stories, roots, memories, traditions, knowledge and tastes, emotions, complicities. And then he goes into the kitchen and sits at the table to honor the spirit of these places through authentic gastronomic experiences.

Challenges he receives with open arms and with commitment that puts everything he do. Because, as a national and international gastronomer, he knows that what formed him was what he has already proved and will still prove. And also because of that travels. Much. “I am a gastronomer in the world because of the trips I have made and those that I do not rest until I do.”