food travel


Food travel that cross experimentation and pedagogy with the best of national and international gastronomy. Privileging authenticity above all, NNC produces real trips through contact and immersion with local people through the universe of knowledges and flavours. Travels that go far beyond gastronomy tourism but who believe that the taste is everything, because there are products, places and regions that are a destination just for you. We want to get you to know people, traditions, cultural heritage, places and to live memorable experiences through the worldwide route of authentic gastronomy.

Our mission is to surprise everyone. Both those who live in Portugal but want to know better what is good here is done as those who visit us from outside and do not want to be by the obvious. From north to south, passing through the Portuguese islands, we organize unforgettable itineraries and routes and reveal what only locals know. Worldwide, just the same. Portugal, Peru, China, Spain, Iran, Greece and Japan are some of the destinations that we travel. Let’s go?